History of our Academy


The leadership of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Agricultural Sciences in Debrecen took up the issue of establishing a riding school and supporting equestrian sports in the mid-1990s.

Dr. Iván Novobáczky, the then CEO of HAGE (Hajdúsági Agráripari Rt.)played a significant role in this process. He was a significant Shagya Arabian breeder and enthusiastic rider, as well as a passionate carriage coachman.

An important antecedent of the founding of the Equestrian Academy was the operation of the former FEFAG stable, raising such excellent riders as the national military team rider Sándor Nagy (Cödör) or the brilliant jumper János Budai.

In 1997, the design of stables and riding hall began, guided by the development of equestrian skills and horse breeding skills of agricultural university students, and over time, the training of competitors and the support of horseback riding opportunities for hobby riders. The construction of the covered riding hall, the 22 English boxes, and the standing stable were the major developments in the 1990s.

The riding school was created in the most ideal area possible, as it is located in the city, yet in a forest environment, close to the universities, where the surrounding forest is also excellent for cross-country riding.

In order to continue the high-quality professional work, the university won the equestrian instructor Sándor Boros, a physical education-, coach- and riding teacher, who played a significant role in building an appropriate organizational structure, high-quality professional work and a wide range of services in the riding school. In the field of equestrian sports, several national team riders came out of his hands and he played a significant role in the fact that the Debrecen Equestrian Academy won the Travel Award for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports several times. The head of the facility at that time was Róbert Szladek.

In the meantime, the University of Agricultural Sciences in Debrecen has started stud farm manager education program and has concluded a cooperation agreement with Semmelweis University to join the "Equestrian Culture" specialization.
The next important milestone in the life of the Debrecen Equestrian Academy is that the Horse breeder and equestrian sport manager agricultural engineer BSc program (program leader Dr. Csaba Szabó, FEI level 3 jumping judge) has been accredited, and in 2019 the first cohort started their education at the university and at the equestrian academy.

The goal of the Debrecen Equestrian Academy Nonprofit Ltd. is to continue the demanding professional work, and for this purpose significant developments have taken place recently. The management of the university and the responsible thinking of the leaders of the sector ( rector Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy, Deputy Rector András Jávor, Chancellor Dr. Zoltán Bács, Dean Dr. István Komlóssy, Professor Sándor Mihók, director István Wachter) resulted in a qualitative change in the conditions of riding and horse keeping.

The Equestrian Academy is a worthy center for university training, competitive sports and hobby riders in terms of its conditions, spirit and the equestrian community.

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